Even though there were several cassettes, reissues and compilation appearances, it’s been a while since 2016’s Ultramarine, the latest full length CD release by Contagious Orgasm, but finally CO will be back with an album at the end of September as it was announced a few days ago. Titled Purple Light Section Corners Feel Different World, the CD will be out on Hiroshi Hashimoto‘s own label, SSSM and based on the track they uploaded to soundcloud, this time they went for a heavy mixture of ambient and noise.

Purple Light Section Corners Feel Different World
01 Exploration And Seeking part 1
02 Under The Orange Light
03 Exploration And Seeking part 2
04 The Shadow Of A Psychopath
05 Devastated Earth After 5.67 Billion Years
06 Exploration And Seeking part 3

Around the same time the new CD was announced, the German Raubbau label dropped a new installment in their Live At Maschinenfest series, this time with a recording from Contagious Orgasm from 2008. The release clocks around 40 minutes, it is available as a limited edition of 100 cassettes (with download code) and is sold via ant-zen’s mailorder website. Also, CO, a regular guest on Maschinenfest will take part on the 20th and last ever chapter of the legendary annual German industrial / power noise festival, held between the 19th and 21st of October at Turbinenhalle at Oberhausen.

Live At Maschinenfest 2008
A1.Neo For
A2.Ripple Mix
B1.Tragedy Creature
B2.Die Roboter
B3.Firewalker … The Age Of The Rhythm

And there was also a cassette release back in August, called The Sound Of City Hunter, that saw Contagious Orgasm and Guilty Connector teaming up for the first time since 2000’s Context Wire and Guilorga. It was out on Gravity Swarm Recordings, sample + ordering info can be found on the label’s bandcamp page, but they also made this wonderfully weird little video below to promote the release.

The Sound of City Hunter (Contagious Orgasm & Guilty C.)
Side Twilight Zone:
A1. Live Music
A2. Ba-Q, City Hunter
Side Dropper Night
B1. Boat People I
B2. Boat People II