is officially back! The group went on an indefinite hiatus in January after DJ Gonchi, one half of the duo decided to quit the music and entertainment business altogether to join her family’s business. It was announced that Itsuka, the group’s MC, who was always a lot more active in the music scene will return someday and will probably also continue one way or another, but nobody knew when and how. But this Sunday a brand new music video popped up on Youtube along with an announcement from her, that from now on will work as a solo project and will resume activities.

But there are other changes as well: while the new track, Introduction的な (Introduction tekina) keeps the hybrid hip-hop / electro pop sound, it still differs drastically from earlier tracks and goes for a lot more laid-back and polished direction compared to the poppy, up-tempo tunes that Charisma was known for. Also, Itsuka quit the office lady look that used to be their trademark and joined the current Japanese street fashion trends with an extremely cool take on the goth look that’s been getting more and more popular lately. No news about upcoming releases yet, however she announced that her first solo concert will take place at Shibuya WWW on the 9th of November, so we will probably get some further announcements and hopefully some new tunes before that.