Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. is closing yet another very busy year that included several overseas tours and many new releases. And now, they are wrapping things up with two more albums!

The first one, titled Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe, came out just a few weeks ago on UK label Riot Season. It features two classic AMT tunes (Dark Star Blues and Blue Velvet Blues – the latter also got a music video now, check that at the end of the post) along with their Gong cover (Flying Teapot) reworked and transformed yet again, this time with new vocalist Jyonson Tsu,
plus a new track, the epic, 20 minutes long Black Summer Song. However, even though it is a new release, it is already sold out almost completely. The CD version is gone, just as most of the vinyl editions (blue vinyl, black vinyl and black with alternate silver sleeve), the only version still available is the yellow vinyl edition, but even from those there are only a few copies left in stock at the label’s Bandcamp and Bigcartel stores (plus there are some more up on Discogs as well). So, if you you want one… hurry up!

Reverse Of Rebirth In Universe
01.Dark Star Blues
02.Blue Velvet Blues
03.Black Summer Song
04.Flying Teapot

The other recent one, Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift was out on French label Bam Balam, which, just like Riot Season, already released several AMT albums in the past. This one includes four tracks (plus a short intro) and as it is also a recent studio recording, so it features the current lineup: Makoto Kawabata on guitar and synth, Hiroshi Higashi on synth, Wolf on bass, Nani Satoshima on drums and recent addition Jyonson Tsu on vocal, guitar and bouzouki. This one is only out on CD for now, but there should be a vinyl version coming up sometime early next year. And if you check out the label’s website, you can also get a bit of a teaser of what’s coming up next from AMT: “Acid Mothers Temple new / secret LP, April 2019“! So, check out these new releases and get ready for even more trippy goodness in 2019!

Sacred And Inviolable Phase Shift
01.I Enter
02.Errors In Gold Room
03.Astrological Rendezvous
04.From Planet Orb With Love – Good-bye Mrs. Uranus
05.Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral (Bonus Track)