Oh damn, I noticed this way too late (and just one day late to catch the Vienna gig), but the extremely noisy and chaotic Osaka based crust punk act Zyanose is currently in Europe, touring with two Swedish bands 偏執症者 (Paranoid) & Sex Dwarf. The tour that runs under the wonderful “A Non Stop Heavy Mental Dance Disorder Noise Raid Cabaret” title, started on the 5th of May and will hit Italy today with still a couple of dates left till it ends in Sweden on the 18th. The band already played in Europe in the past, but they said that this will be their last tour here… so go and see them if you can.

+ 偏執症者 (Paranoid) & Sex Dwarf
2019.05.05 – Finland, Turku: TVO
2019.05.06 – Finland, Helsinki: Oranssi
2019.05.07 – Finland, Tampere: Vastavirta-Klubi
2019.05.08 – Sweden, Stockholm: Broder Tuck
2019.05.09 – Norway, Oslo: Barrikaden
2019.05.10 – Denmark, Copenhagen: Ungdomshuset
2019.05.11 – Germany, Berlin: Köpi
2019.05.12 – Poland, Wrocław: CRK (Centrum Reanimacji Kultury)
2019.05.13 – Austria, Vienna: Venster
2019.05.14 – Italy, Milano: Macao
2019.05.15 – Belgium, Antwerp: Het Bos
2019.05.16 – Netherlands, Amsterdam: OCCII
2019.05.17 – Germany, Hamburg: Lobusch
2019.05.18 – Sweden, Gothenburg: Skjulet