I posted about an upcoming Merzbow release, Muen a few days ago, but since then news came in, that there will be another one, even sooner. This one, titled Aodron will be out in a matter of days, on the 27th of January on US label Automation Records and will feature five tracks altogether. Not much more info can be found about it, except that it will be available as a CD (for 8 USD) and as a digital release (for… 7 USD) and can be pre-ordered from the label’s bandcamp page… where you can actually stream the whole album already and it is extremely harsh, back-to-the-old-school Merzbow, with heavily layered noise and a lot of ear piercingly high pitched sounds.

01.Ao Part 1
02.Ao Part 2
03.Ao Part 3
04.Tetsu TO