Pelican Fanclub is amongst the more popular up-and-coming indie rock bands in Japan nowadays and tomorrow they will finally release their first full length album called Home Electronics. They formed back in 2012, dropped their first single two years later and released three mini albums since. They were all quite good, with a couple of very strong standout tracks and ever since the beginning they followed that very characteristic Japanese indie sound: sometimes very radio friendly, sometimes surprisingly edgy melodic (pop-)rock with a bit of a guitar noise here and there. The band said thought that the new album will display an evolved and diverse sound, with them trying their hands on everything from stadium rock to dream pop with 12 brand new tracks. There is a music video as well for the album’s second track, so check that out below:

Home Electronics
01.深呼吸 (shinkokyuu)
02.Night Diver
03.Luna Lunatic
04.Black Beauty
05.You’re My Sunshine
06.夜の高速 (yoru no kousoku)
07.ダダガー・ダンダント (Dadaga-Dandanto)
08.許されない冗談 (yurusanai jyoudan)
09.Trash Trace
10.花束 (hanatoba)
11.朝の次へ (asa no tsugi e)