Yoru No Honki Dance (夜の本気ダンス) is one of the most interesting indie rock groups to pop up the last couple of years and they quickly became a personal favorite of mine thanks to their crazy, upbeat, energetic songs. After getting more and more popular in the independent circles, they finally signed a contract with Victor Entertainment and released their first major album back in March. And this week they came back with their first single on Victor called Without You / Liberty. The video for Without You is already up on the label’s youtube channel and it is pretty awesome, while the track itself… well, it is good as well, with a bit stronger blues rock touch than usual, but it does not deliver a punch like some of their earlier tracks did and it just misses that pure, raw energy that is usually their trademark. However based on the sample the other track is closer to their typical sound, so no worries and anyways, for the fans of their earlier material the single has a lot to offer in form of a bunch of live tracks recorded earlier this year during their Wonderful! Danceable! Ensamble! tour. So, check the new video below along with the tracklist and also, at the end of the post I included some older faves from them as well:

yorunohonkidance_withoutWithout You / Liberty
01.Without You
03.Only Seventeen (Live at Ebisu Liquidroom, 2016.07.15)
04.yoru ni Honki Dance (夜に本気ダンス)(Live at Ebisu Liquidroom, 2016.07.15)

Limited Edition DVD (Wonderful! Danceable! Ensamble! Tour)
01.Russia no Biggumafu (ロシアのビッグマフ)
02.Crazy Dancer
03.Fuckin’ so tired
04.Only Nineteen
06.You Gotta Move
07.yoru ni Honki Dance (夜に本気ダンス)
08.Escape With You
09.sensou (戦争)