As the band’s leader, Mari already mentioned in our recent interview, at the end of this year, indie / altern rock / art punk band TsuShiMaMiRe will be going on a European tour for the very first time… and now the tour dates were announced as well! It will be a very decent and long tour, through 6 countries and 16 cities, with about half of the dates in Germany and with the rest in the neighboring countries, including France, Austria and so on. If you live anywhere near those cities, do not miss this rare chance to see them, especially as while TsuShiMaMiRe’s albums are already pretty good and nice, their crazy and explosive live shows are on yet another level! But these two photos from their gig in Tokyo last month (full live report coming soon!) tell all about what one could expect from them live:

2016.11.29 – Denmark, Copenhagen: Loppen
2016.11.30 – France, Rennes: Les Transmusicales
2016.12.02 – Germany, Wolfsburg: Jugendhaus Ost
2016.12.03 – Germany, Würzburg: Immerhin
2016.12.06 – Austria, Graz: Explosiv
2016.12.07 – Austria, Feldkirch: Graf Hugo
2016.12.08 – Switzerland, Luzern: Schüür
2016.12.09 – Germany, Freiburg: Slow Club
2016.12.10 – France, Bourg En Bresse: La Tannierie
2016.12.11 – France, Lyon: Japan Touch
2016.12.12 – Germany, Stuttgart: Schocken
2016.12.13 – Germany, Mannheim: Kurzbar
2016.12.14 – Germany, Karlsruhe: Alte Hackerei
2016.12.15 – Germany, Köln: Sonic Ballroom
2016.12.16 – Germany, Bochum: Matrix
2016.12.17 – Netherlands, Groeningen: Spieghel