The fin., the dreamy indie pop group from Kobe (that just finished its UK tour a few days ago) released a quite interesting collection of remixes last week: Through The Deep Remix EP, as its title suggests contains remixes of tracks from their latest EP, Through The Deep, which came out in March and it offers four new and very different takes by four artists. Besides two UK acts, All We Are and Ten Fé taking a more beat oriented approach, they also have Sweden’s The Field reworking the title track into a long, beautiful ambient piece, while the last one was done by Yuto Uchino, the group’s singer and not too surprisingly, that’s the one that stays closest to the group’s typical sound and atmosphere, but at the same time, it also takes it the song to a drastically different direction.

You can snatch the digital only release from iTunes, listen to it at Spotify or below… as the band uploaded the whole EP to its soundcloud account:

Through The Deep Remix EP
2016.11.25 (Digital Release)
01.Anchorless Ship (All We Are Remix)
02.Through The Deep (The Field Remix)
03.Heat (Ten Fé Remix)
04.White Breath (Yuto Uchino Remix)