Back in May a mini festival called GIGA NOISE took place at Tokyo’s Akihabara Goodman club featuring mostly lesser known noise acts from all over Japan as part of an eight hour long showcase. It is a very rare thing to see so many acts (and especially so many up-and-coming acts) from Japan’s noise scene together, but fortunately the event was well documented and now Japan’s definitive noise label, Alchemy Records (run by Jojo Hiroshige of Hijokaidan fame) is about to release 2 CDs worth of live recordings from the festival. It will hit the stores in a few weeks, mid-December and the album (which comes with truly awful cover art) will feature recordings from all the acts that performed that evening: 23 tracks on CD 1 from the newer generation and two additional tracks from the Big Names on CD2, one of them featuring Mr. Hiroshige himself. The CD can be pre-ordered directly from the label, but it is also available from more English friendly sites, like CDJapan.

And just after the CD comes out, the festival will be back for a second round on the 25th of December (as a perfect xmas program!), again at Club Goodman… more info about that here.

And as a preview, check this nearly two hours long video from the festival:

GIGA NOISE – Future Of Noise
01.夢咲みちる (Michiru Yumesaki)
02.緊那羅:DESILA (Kinnara: DESILA)
03.井澤翔太 (Shota Izawa)
04.上田英生 (Hideo Ueda)
05.Youko Heidy
06.山本邦彦 (Kunihiko Yamamoto)
07.崎山洋孝 (Hirotaka Sakiyama)
08.石上和也 (Kazuya Ishigami)
09.佐藤諒 (Makoto Sato)
10.古舘健 (Ken Furudate)
11.沼田順 (Jun Numata)
12.纐纈淳也 (Junya Koketsu)
16.Kazuma Hyakutake
17.多井智紀・千洋 (Tai Tomonori, Chihiro)
18.山本雅史 (Masashi Yamamoto)
19.ファミコン地獄 (Famicom Jigoku)
21.竹下勇馬×中田粥 (Yuma Takeshita × Kayu Nakada)
22.ドリーム・スカム・トゥルー (Dream · Scum · True)
23.AXONOX+野本直輝 (Naoki Nomoto)
01.アストロ+HairStylistics (Astro + HairStylistics)
02.JOJO広重+電子たくあん+ドラびでお (JOJO Hiroshige + Denshitakuan + Doravideo)