While the World’s best and biggest grindcore / extreme hardcore Festival, the infamous Obscene Extreme probably won’t ever top last year’s lineup of Japanese bands when Melt-Banana, Death Side, Palm and Speed!! Noise!! Hell!! played at the five day event that takes in Trutnov, Czech Republic every years since 1999, they still do an awesome job at bringing some of the scene’s most important and interesting acts to Europe. And this year, they invited hardcore legends, Systematic Death to join the lineup! The formed in 1983 (!) had a few pauses (a short one in ’84/’85 and a longer one between ’88/’08) and a lot of member changes throughout the decades and their current lineup features only one original member, singer Shigeru, but, along two younger guys it also includes drummer Koba, who joined in ’87. Despite all these changes, their fast and brutal take on hardcore punk, that served as inspiration to some of the scene’s international key players did not change one bit since the beginning as can be seen in the below live video from last year:

Updated (2017.06.21): The band added two dates in Finland right after their show at OE:

2017.07.07 – Czech Republic, Trutnov: Obscene Extreme 2017
2017.07.08 – Finland, Oulu, Finland: Hässäkkä-Päivät
2017.07.09 – Finland, Tampere: Hässäkkä-Päivät lopetusklubi