Japan’s punk scene is huge, with countless bands (and so many good ones!) and while there are many, many new groups that come and go, there are also several big names that stayed together for decades (just think of Laughin’ Nose!) and today’s two news articles will be about two of those. First we have Osaka based Razors Edge that formed back in 1996, so they have their 20th anniversary this year and to properly celebrate it, they decided to put together a Best Of album. And while they were at it, they went all the way and included 44 (!!) tracks, using each and every bit of available space on the CD. The compilation, titled Razors Mania, out on their own label, Thrash On Life Records will hit the stores this week and will be followed by a domestic tour. By the way, Razors Edge is known for its quite nonsensical lyrics (they probably have a track called I Hate To Write Lyrics for a reason) and they play old-school, US style melodic punk rock and this song from 2010 is a perfect example of that… just as its video is a perfect showcase of just how totally crazy their live shows are: