So, I mentioned in the post about Razors Edge, that there are a lot of old, still active punk rock bands in Japan and SA formed even earlier than Kenji Razors’ group: they started back in 1984, during the golden age of Japanese punk rock, however unlike RE, who never stopped for a moment, SA actually disbanded in ’87 and reformed again more than ten years later in ’99. But they continued where they left of back in the eighties, playing what they describe as Oi! Punk. They are also known as “S.A. Samurai Attack”, because a couple of years after they reformed they had a compilation released in the UK and they also took part in the 2009 edition of the Japan Nite tour in the US… and as the name “SA” sounds pretty bad in the West for obvious reasons, they were promoted under that name.

But back to topic: the band is back with a new album this week, called WAO with eleven brand new tracks and the Limited Edition also comes with a DVD, that contains the whole 21 set from their Tokyo tour final from this April. They also have a new video out for the album’s opener, Peehatsu Gunbatsu Wacky Night and that track (complete with the fittingly pompous video) wonders even more into glam rock and classic ’60s rock’n’roll territories than they usually do… So, while it is undeniably a fun song, it might not be the best starting point to get familiar with the band’s usually more punkish sound. Their other new release from this year, the best of album called Hello Goodbye, that they dropped back in January serves that purpose much better. So, below the new video I included a classic one from that album as well:


01.Peehatsu Gunbatsu Wacky Night (ピーハツグンバツWACKY NIGHT)
02.yarimote yumimote (槍もて弓もて)
03.darega tameno zinseida (誰が為の人生だ)
05.soshite omaeha atarashikunaru (そしておまえは新しくなる)
07.keriwotsukero (ケリをつけろ)
08.jounetsu Winner (情熱WINNER)
10.hajimete no Ballad (はじめてのバラード)

START ALL OVER AGAIN, NOW! 2016 Tour Final @ Tokyo Kinema Club, 2016.04.17