A bit less than two year after Metaltic Nocturne, seminal all-girl rock group Noodles is back with its latest full-length, I’m Not Chic, that hit the stores two days ago. This one was produced by Sawao Yamanaka of the pillows fame (who also has a side-project with singer Yoko called Casablanca by the way) and as always, it was released on Delicious Label. The album’s third track, Ruby Ground also got its own moody, black & white music video, which was mostly shot in the recording studio… with the exception of some close-up shots of old, somewhat creepy toys. The song itself is typical Noodles: smooth and melodic indie-rock with a touch of shoegaze and guitar noise and of course with Yoko’s trademark mellow voice.

I’m not chic
01.I’m not chic
02.Cinnamon tambourine
03.Ruby ground
04.Buggy loop
05.Violet days
08.Everybody Just Sings a Song Once
10.Cosmic tour