Japan has probably more all-girl rock bands than any other country and one of the oldest (and best) of them is Noodles, a trio that started back in 1991. After the release of their previous album, Loafers on the Japantown that hit the stores late 2014, they slowed down a bit and their singer, Yoko spent most of last year with her new project, Casablanca (live report + more info here), but now they are back with a new album… out today! It is called Metaltic Nocturne, contains 11 brand new songs and judging from the title and lead track, which also got its own music video, their sound did not change one bit, so it is the same mellow indie rock they are known and loved for:

Metaltic Nocturne
01.Heart Bop
02.Blood Waltz
03.Metaltic Nocturne
04.Twins Tree
05.I Am Me
06.Wall Flower
07.Right Hand Arrow
09.Last Chance For A Good Look At The Planet
10.Moss Green
11.Madly Madly