During Japan’s golden age of gothic rock & post punk in the early / mid ’80s, Madame Edwarda was one of the best bands around, but, just like most of the similar acts then, they were only active for a few years and disbanded after only a handful of releases. Singer / band leader Zin-François Angélique later formed another band, called Zeus Machina, but in 2008 he decided to reform Madame Edwarda with an all new lineup (well, actually mostly with his friends from Zeus) and they picked back up right where they left off, as if that 20+ years break never happened. Their unique blend of atmospheric gothic rock remained intact and their new album, that they put out late 2015 (after re-releasing most of their old, out of print material) was just as good as their classics… if not even better. And now, even though that album, Rêve Désir came out almost a year ago, they released a new music video for one of its best tracks, Macbeth. So, check that out below along with Orpheus, the other video that they made around the time of the release.