Foxpill Cult is back with a new music video called Cultizm which was made to promote their new EP, Nou! The EP itself, that contains four tracks was actually released yesterday, but for now it is only sold at live shows and it will hit the stores at a later date. The wonderful little video for Cultizm has the usual creative and charmingly low budget aesthetics that they are known for, while the song itself follows the unique Foxpill sound, mixing new wave, goth rock, indie rock and who knows what else. And on related news: Pueru, their melodica player (known also for his weirdo hippie looks) quit the band this spring, but soon afterwards they were joined by Mumu Harawata on bass, so they are a four-piece band yet again.

2017.08.14 (pre-release date)
01.Dir Neue Linie