Tokyo based hardcore band Nervous Light Of Sunday will return with a new EP, called Sinsousinri (深層心理 / shinsō shinri) that will be released on the newly launched Instill Records label on the 19th of April. The EP will be a limited edition of 500 and will come as a 7″ + CD bundle, with four songs on the vinyl and the same four, plus one bonus track on the CD. No track listing was published so far, but one song called shinko (信仰) is already up as a preview on their bandcamp… and it is insane! The older releases that I’ve heard from them were more-or-less straightforward post-hardcore / screamo, but this one just goes crazy, taking cues from various extreme metal genres and while the whole track is excellent, it is the last one minute that will definitely blow your mind:

(live photo taken from the band’s facebook page)