The amazingly insane and noisy grindcore act Napalm Death Is Dead is back with a new, single-sided 7″, out on the Polish The Child With No Name label: Meat Of Slave contains only one track and is limited to 200 copies, half of it in white and half of it in black vinyl. You can snatch a copy of it here for the friendly price of 5 euros and they also have a t-shirt available with the cover art. Unfortunately though that cover is not the same as the pure genius promo artwork, that mixes the mighty Godzilla with Napalm Death‘s classic Scum cover, but it isn’t bad either, so get your copy while you can! Oh, and of course check out the N.D.I.D. live report from last summer here!

Meat Of Slave
2017.07 (single-sided 7″)
A.Meat Of Slave