Moko Shibata, alias Powder only started to release music a few years ago, but she is already gaining a lot of attention with her special blend of house music. Her tunes that were released by various label worldwide are sometimes a bit experimental, sometimes they flirt with ambient, her DJ sets however are even more diverse, wander off into every kind of directon from disco to jazz… as perfectly represented in her recent DJ set for Beats In Space and also in her one for Juno Plus from two years ago.

And she’s going to be in Europe for months, starting this Thursday in Hungary, playing shows all around the continent, so check out the tour dates below the two mixes along with the samples off her latest release, H, out on the German label Cocktail d’Amore.

2018.06.14 – Hungary, Budapest: Kolorádó
2018.06.15 – Belgium, Brussels: C12
2018.06.16 – France, Marseille: La Dame Noir
2018.06.22 – Austria, Vienna: TBA
2018.06.23 – UK, London: Five Miles
2018.06.28 – Croatia, Tisno: Love International
2018.06.30 – Italy, Milano: Terraforma
2018.07.06 – UK, Manchester: Versions
2018.07.07 – UK, Midlands: Chameleon Arts Cafe
2018.07.12 – Germany, Berlin: OHM
2018.07.14 – France, Nantes: TBA
2018.07.20 – Lithuania, Vilnius: Mushroom Manor Park
2018.08.05 – Netherlands, Amsterdam: Dekmantel Festival
2018.08.10 – France, Strasbourg: Kalt
2018.08.11 – France, Bordeaux: I-Boat
2018.08.17 – Ukraine, Kiev: Closer
2018.08.18 – Ukraine, Kharkiv: Dvor
2018.08.31 – UK, London: Field Maneuvers
2018.09.02 – Germany, Berlin: TBA
2018.09.07 – Spain, Barcelona: Nitsa
2018.09.14 – Morocco, Marrakech: Oasis Festival