Crazyboy aka. Elly from LDH‘s boy group J Soul Brothers launched his solo career and dropped his first solo EP a bit more than a year ago. Titled NEOTOKYO EP it was a surprisingly decent hip-hop release, that featured three massive club tunes, plus a slower summer bop with a tropical flavor. He followed that up since with three more EPs (titled NEOTOKYO II, III and IV), but unfortunately those just did not live up to the first one and almost completely abandoned the club sound in favor of generic pop and laid back R&B.

But now he will return with his first full length release, NEOTOKYO Forever out on the 4th of July: the album will have a massive track list with 19 tracks, however 13 of those are cut from his previous EPs, so eventually we will only get six new tunes. There are a lot of guest vocalists on the album and while most of them are from other LDH acts, there are some more surprising choice as well. For example on Japanicano instead of featuring on of the agency’s own girl groups, they invited the girls from FAKY, one of Japan’s most interesting JPop act nowadays. The album will be out in three different versions, one with only the CD and the other two with a DVD or Blu-ray jam-packed with a lot of music videos and some other goodies. There will be no new music video included for the new tracks, so here is one off the fourth EP, plus a sample of the title track from his Instagram:

01.NEOTOKYO Forever
02.Private Party
03.Phenomenon feat. Made In Tokyo
04.Way Up
05.Japanicano feat. FAKY
06.U.N.I. (You & I)
07.Loco feat. The Backcourt
08.ママへ / This is for Mama
09.No More Cry feat. Ryuji Imaichi
11.Lights Off feat. EXILE Shokichi
12.Double Play
13.Alive feat. SWAY
14.First Class Xmas feat. Hiroomi Tosaka
15.Tropical Paradise
19.Double Play Remix feat. EXILE Shokichi

DVD / Blu-ray
01.NEOTOKYO (Music Video)
02.Tropical Paradise (Music Video)
03.Starship (Music Video)
04.Bad Habits (Music Video)
05.Double Play (Music Video)
06.Private Party (Music Video)(First Press Only)
07.Loco feat. The Backcourt (Music Video)
08.First Class Xmas feat. OMI (Audio and Visual)
09.Double Play MV – Behind The Scenes 24hours
10.NEOTOKYO Life Forever