The 20th of July marked the long awaited return and new album of Yokohama’s World famous dancehall & reggae crew, Mighty Crown, which was to coincide with their 25th anniversary… and now, they finally released the full version of the music video of Action’, the albums lead track! It perfectly sums up the history of the crew, by featuring its prominent members and also, featuring a lot of old footage from the high points of their career, that included playing at stadium size venues, shows all over the World, from Europe to Jamaica and of course them winning the grand trophy of the World Clash ’99 sound system battle in Brooklyn. Check the video below, along with the track listing, an album preview and a short about the crew’s history:

Mighty Crown 25th Anniversary Champion In Action
01.Mighty Crown Family: ACTION!
03.Mighty Crown feat. CRAZYBOY, Fire Ball: Around The World
04.J-REXXX with Sami-T from Mighty Crown: 痛い人
05.SCORCHER HI FI: Marching To Zion
06.Mighty Crown: 小さな恋のうた Lovers Rock Mix feat. KIYOSAKU from MONGOL800
07.AI: ハピネス – Reggae Summer Remix by Mighty Crown
08.CRAZY KEN BAND(Vocal Team): Wonderful Days
09.Fire Ball: Put Your Lighters In The Air