After another very busy year, that included several new albums and reissues (the latter including the classic Venereology and countess long forgotten releases on Japan’s Slowdown Records) Merzbow will start 2020 with another one of his collaborations: this time he will team up with bass clarinet player Gareth Davis. They already did an album together called Atsusaku back in 2016, that was released by Amsterdam based Moving Furniture Records and now they will return to the same label with their new work, Broken Landscapes. Just like the first one, the new LP will be also limited to 300 copies and it will be out on the 10th of January. The release deals with the mechanization in the environment and will contain three tracks. It is available from the label’s Bandcamp page and there is also a very special hand-stamped bundle of both LPs on a very limited edition of 14!

Broken Landscapes (Gareth Davis & Merzbow)
2020.01.10 / viyl, digital
01.Dogger Bank
02.Yabata Frog
03.Inland Empire