Kinoco Hotel went through several changes during their 10+ years of existence and from a good, but not-so-special ’60s revival band, they turned into an incredible genre-bending group, adding, among others, psychedelic rock and new wave influences to their repertoire. And now they turned their attention towards yet another music style: straight-from-the-70s disco…!? The band just released Marianne no ougi, their first studio album in three years (there was a self-cover one in 2017 and a live recording last year though) and Nude, the song they picked for the accompanying promotional video is a mash-up of classic disco and Kinoco’s trademark retro rock sound. Not all of the album is disco influenced though, the rest of the song go to a more pop-rock oriented direction, in part thanks to the involvement of co-producer Takamitsu Shimazaki, who is known for his work with mainstream J-Pop acts, such as SMAP, AKB48 and Hey! Say! JUMP. The album itself contains ten new songs, was released on the 26th of June and comes with an additional DVD with Nude’s music video and its making of documentary… and there is also a bonus CD with instrumental versions if you buy your copy from Disk Union.

マリアンヌの奥儀 (Marianne no ougi)
02.ヌード (Nude)

01.ヌード (Nude) Music Video
02.ヌード (Nude) Music Video Making Of