After spending over two years in coma, following a tragic bicycle accident, musician and producer Hirofumi Asamoto passed away on the 30th of November, 2016 at age 53. Over his nearly 30 years spent in the music industry he tried his hands on many different music genres, leaving behind a huge and extremely diverse legacy. Born in 1963 he started his career back in 1985 as a keyboardist for goth-rock band Auto-Mod, then joined the dub group Mute Beat, before forming his own project, Ram Jam World in 1991, known for its unique take on electronic dance music. But he also worked as a session musician for acts such as The Roosters, The Go-Bang’s and The Mods and was a respected producer and composer, working with many well known acts, including The Yellow Monkey, Zeppet Store, Akiko Wada, The Boom, Sugar Soul, Pushim and UA.

Besides all this, he also released solo albums both under his own name and as Dr. Echo-Logic, exploring his take on smooth dub and d’n’b even further, again, featuring a colorful lineup of vocalist, that included as Kazuya Yoshii (The Yellow Monkey), UA, reggae singer Ryo The Skywalker and Speech, rapper from the famous US hip-hop group Arrested Development. The news was announced by his wife on the AID for Asamoto FB page on the 3rd of December. Rest In Peace.