Extreme metal group Abigail will return to Europe for a long tour starting this Saturday in Romania! The band started in Tokyo back in 1992 and they are known for their raw sound and their unique mixture of black and thrash metal. The group is led by vocalist / bassist Yasuyuki Suzuki, also known for his similar sounding solo project Barbatos, Cutthroat, a side project with members of Sigh (along with Abigail drummer Youhei), Tiger Junkies a duo with Joel Grind of Toxic Holocaust. While, beside its back-to-the-roots ’80s inspired sound Abigail is also known for its chaotic discography, including countless live recordings and its insane titles, such as Sexual Metal Holocaust, Holocaustik Metal Sexxxekution Whoreslaughters, Alkoholik Metal Blasphemers or Satanik Rock’n’Roll Fucking Hell.

The band will be traveling around the continent with Italian thrash act Violentor playing 14 shows in 9 countries. Full schedule, tour poster and a more-or-less recent live video below!

2019.10.12 – Romania, Bucarest: Old Grave Fest 8
2019.10.14 – Hungary, Budapest: KVLT
2019.10.15 – Austria, Vienna: Escape Metalcorner
2019.10.16 – Poland, Wroclaw: Klub Muzyczny Liverpool
2019.10.17 – Poland, Warsaw: Klub Hydrozagadka
2019.10.18 – Germany, Berlin: Blackland – Berlin Rock & Metal Bar
2019.10.19 – Czech Republic, Pisek: Thrash Nightmare festival vol. 7
2019.10.20 – Germany, Köln: Schönen Wohnen
2019.10.21 – France, Paris: Le Klub
2019.10.22 – France, Rennes: Mondo Bizarro
2019.10.23 – Spain, Barcelona: Sala Upload Barcelona
2019.10.24 – France, Lyon: Rock N Eat
2019.10.25 – France, Montorizer: Last Day Of Death Festival
2019.10.26 – Italy, Parma: Swords of Baphomet 2019