Last year Japan’s dubstep guru Goth-Trad announced that he will start a new experimental / doom metal / industrial project called Eartaker and after a couple of live appearances the band finally dropped its first album, Harmonics last week. Goth-Trad is responsible for programming and besides him the trio consists of Diesuck on vocals and experimental musician Masayuki Imanishi on noises. The album is out on United Arab Emirates’ Bedouin Records, one of the most interesting new experimental labels around, that also released material from Merzbow and Ryo Murakami in the past and while the digital version is already available from their Bandcamp page, a vinyl release should also be following sometime later on.

01.Our Possession
02.Iron Trivet
04.Ground Spider
05.A Lady Who Experienced Necromancy
06.Killing Stone
08.Dojo-ji Temple
09.Black Mound