Since the April release of the Vomitspit album, that he co-produced with his partner-in-crime Karnage, Dayzero‘s been keeping himself incredibly busy dropping release after release, yet again proving how versatile he is. So, let’s see what he’s been up to these last few months:

Just days after the post about Vomitspit, he announced an EP on Deep, Dark And Dangerous, his first full release on the US label after an earlier compilation appearance. Out on the 26th of April at bandcamp and beatport Space Cartoon featured five tracks and it is probably his heaviest release to date with banger after banger:

Around the time Space Cartoon dropped, he also announced that he is joining DJ Hatcha‘s Hatched label for a release. Available at Beatport and simply titled Hatced 18, this five track monster was released just last week, on the 6th of July yet again featuring five tracks and including Gun Pop that already became a fave when its preview debuted on Dayzero’s soundcloud a few months ago.

And for even more dubstep of the darker and deeper kind he returned to UK’s Encrypted Audio two years after the ALS-ANS / Know What 12″, this time for a digital only EP with three tracks. The release info says that it should have been out on the 2nd of July, but it is still listed as a pre-order on bandcamp, however the preview is already up on soundcloud, so you can give it a listen:

And speaking of soundcloud, Dayzero just hit 1000 followers and to celebrate it, he uploaded an EP called Ninja Free Vol,1, which is a compilation of his remixes and covers of popular hip-hop tracks. You can give a listen below and get it for free at bandcamp.

And yes, there is still more! And after dubstep and hip-hop, now it is time for his chill side with a new tune, Central Airport that appeared on the Bless Vol.2 compilation out on Canadian label Inner Ocean Records. Including 99 tracks (!) the compilation is available at bandcamp, both as a digital release and as a double cassette and there will be a double vinyl version as well, but of course that one will not feature all the tracks and Dayzero’s tune will be also missing from it unfortunately.