2018 was a very busy year for Contagious Orgasm: it started with the re-issue of the early noise album Impregnate Mannequin, which was followed by three releases late summer / early autumn and now Hiroshi Hashimoto‘s project is wrapping up the year with three more cassette releases!

The first one of those was released back in October: Non-Consensual was a cooperation between CO and Italo-Swiss Caligula031. Released as a joint project by the Italian Nil By Mouth Recordings ‎and the Swiss Elettronica Radicale Edizioni label, this one is not available digitally, only as a cassette, limited to 130 copies. The release, that is a mixture of power electronics, dark ambient and rhythmic noise deals with the sensitive subject of “Oriental debauchery, WWII Korean comfort women’s tragedy, business men’s clubs in Japan, and Gaijin working girls in Tokyo.”

Contagious031 side
A1.A Businessman’s Commodity
A2.Confessions Of A Comfort Woman
A3.Dacryphilia – I Just Like To See Them Cry
A4.Violated Angels
A5.Barriers Of Flesh
Caligula Orgasm side
B.In The Room Of Doubtful Immumination

White Lace Curtains In The Window is the most recent release and it contains two lengthy compositions of dark and brooding soundscapes and noise, that evoke some of the best work of CO. Think of something like the classic Illegal Occupation Of Ears from 2000. Out on the Modern Decadence label from Mexico, it is available as a C-30 cassette, limited to 50 copies, but it is also out digitally. Look for both versions here, at Bandcamp.

White Lace Curtains in the Window
01.Sleepwalking and Projector
02.Paranoiac and Cameras

And the last one of the new releases is coming out this week, on the 14th of December.  Titled Stalked Into The Gap Of Heart it will be out on Tension Collapse, the Australian label that also released a Government Alpha cassette recently. It will feature two tracks on a C-20 tape, both clocking around 10 minutes and no artwork and further info is available at this point. It should be available at the label’s webshop, but actually the previous release by GA is still not up there or on Discogs either, so… who knows?

Stalked Into The Gap Of Heart
A.A Chaotic Era Reporting About Restraint
B.A Creepy Identity You Don’t Know