Impregnate Mannequin, one of the earliest and noisiest recordings of Contagious Orgasm will finally get a CD re-issue thanks to the German label Raubbau! It was originally released in 1997 on vinyl in a limited edition of 300, but the album actually contained material that was recorded between 1986 and 1988, in the earliest days of Hiroshi Hashimoto‘s project, so it was made when CO was all about noise, before the times he started to experiment with industrial, dark ambient and other experimental music styles. The album was remastered and got new artwork and will be out on the 12th of June, but it is already up for pre-orders both on CD and as a digital release.

Impregnate Mannequin
01.Impregnate Wave Body
02.Under The Wire Head
03.Mannequin Orgasm

On related news: Hashimoto’s label, SSSM records just opened its bandcamp store! And for now there are four releases available: CO’s own Untramarine from 2016, two by the duo of Noiseconcrete and 3CHI5, and LotusYasuhito Fujinami‘s excellent album from last year.