Tricot is back with a colorful music video for a new song called Potage. It was directed by Yasuyuki Yamaguchi and was made to promote their latest single that came out a couple of days before the music video was uploaded to youtube.The song itself starts out quite simple, but builds up along the way and turns out to be one of the band’s best recent tracks with its layered, polyrhythmic sound. The B side of the 7″ single comes with another new track, Boom ni notte, that made its first appearance last November as a single, distributed at one of the band’s shows and later, in January got its own live music video.

In Japan the single was released by Flake Records, but it’s also got an international release thanks to Top Shelf records, that also re-issued the band’s first two albums. Check their webstore here.

B.ブームに乗って (Boom ni notte)