Bugy Craxone belongs to the big generation of female fronted bands, that started in the ’90s and play a melodic, mostly light-hearted and feel-good mixture of indie rock and indie pop music… the kind of sound, that became insanely popular in Japan during the last decade or two. They formed in ’97 and while there were other more-or-less similar bands before them, it was them and some of their contemporaries that laid the foundations for the sound that came to dominate a huge part of Japan’s indie music scene and that eventually found its way to the mainstream as well. Bugy Craxone never had a huge breakthrough and never became insanely popular, they’ve been just doing the same kind of sweet, impossible-not-to-like kind of indie flavoured music, sometimes with a bit of shoegaze influence or a punkish edge, and that, honestly, is more than enough.

And as they are celebrating their 20th anniversary this year, they thought that it is time to look back on their career and put together a best of album with some of their most popular tracks. It includes three brand new songs and they also re-recorded some of the old ones to make them sound better, so this really seems to be a perfect starting point for anyone who did not know them before. The CD, titled Miracle came out this week, it has a limited edition as well, that comes with a live DVD and they also filmed a very simple, but at the same time very entertaining little music video for one of the new tracks. It is the first video linked below, but I also included a couple of other, older favorites from the Best Of, so… sit back and enjoy the goodness:

Miracle – Bugy Craxone 20th Best Album
01.ブルーでイージー、そんでつよいよ (new song)
02.ぶるぶるぶるー (new song)
03.いいじゃん (new song)
04.Come on (re-recorded)
05.FAST (re-recorded)
06.dreamer (re-recorded)
07.ロマンチスト (re-recorded)
08.チーズバーガーズ・ダイアリー (re-recorded)
13.なんとなく Be happy

Live @ Shibuya Red Cloth, 2016.12.04