Broken Doll is a pop punk band from Tokyo, that plays a typically Japanese version of melodic punk rock with high pitched, JPop-inspired female vocals. And now they are celebrating their 10th anniversary with the release of a new, self-titled album featuring 13 tracks. They say that it’s their best album to date and based on the track-by-track trailer they posted on youtbe it will definitely be their most diverse and interesting work as well, that incorporates a lot of influences from 8bit chiptune sound to heavy metal riffing. It will be released on the 1st of July, and will be available through iTunes and on CD. The latter will cost only 1080 yen, which is a pretty friendly price for an album and can be pre-ordered here.

Besides the new release, the band that is also heavily influenced by Harajuku’s colorful street fashion culture, also has a couple of European dates coming up, staring with a show at Nihon No Oto in Paris and then moving to London for a club gig and three appearances at Hyper Japan.

2017.07..07 – France, Paris: Nihon No Oto
2017.07.14 – UK, London: The George Tavern
2017.07.14 – UK, London: Hyper Japan
2017.07.15 – UK, London: Hyper Japan
2017.07.16 – UK, London: Hyper Japan

Broken Doll
02.Like a Bunny
03.Still Reach For The Sky
04.I Miss You
05.Is This Love
06.Memory Over
07.Dance Dance
08.Angel Forever
09.Iikodenante Irarenai
10.Having Fun
11.I Fear Nothing
12.She Doesn’t Suit You
13.Brilliant Sky