Birushanah is a band that’s not easy to describe or categorize: their sound has its roots in doom metal, but Japanese traditional music plays an equally important part in their songs, however there are also hints of psychedelic rock and industrial to make it even more strange and complex. They formed in 2002, went through several member changes and nowadays work as a trio with a vocalist-guitarist, a drummer and a metal percussionist. And thanks to Doomstar Bookings, the same company that handles the upcoming Coffins shows, they will return to Europe this summer for a longer tour, teaming up with Monarch, the French band they released a split with last year. The tour will take them to several countries, will include both club and festival gigs and will start at the end of July. You can check the detailed tour schedule below along with two live videos, one from last year and one from their hometown, Osaka, from a few years ago.

On related news, the band just recently announced that they will release a new album, their fourth full-length 灰ニナルマデ (haininarumade) on Reiho Music, out on 2018.08.15! You can also find a short teaser trailer for that below:

2018.07.25 – France, Bordeaux: Void Club
2018.07.27 – Slovenia, Tolmin: Metal Days
2018.07.28 – Germany: TBA
2018.07.29 – Czech Republic, Rokycany: Fluff Fest
2018.07.30 – Germany: TBA
2018.07.31 – Austria, Vienna: Venster 99
2018.08.01 – Hungary, Budapest: Robot
2018.08.02 – Austria, Innsbruck: PMK
2018.08.03 – Switzerland, Martigny: Sunset Bar
2018.08.04 – Italy, Giavera de Montello: D.Y.I. Festival
2018.08.05 – Italy, Bologna: Freakout Club
2018.08.06 – France, Toulon: Le Port des Créateurs
2018.08.07 – France: TBA
2018.08.09 – Spain: TBA
2018.08.10 – Spain, Barcelona: Rock Sound
2018.08.11 – Spain, Zaragoza: Sala Creedence