Recently Acid Mothers Temple had to cancel its April US tour and unable to bring their music live to their audience, they decided to do so in another way: to give some comfort to all the fans who are stuck in quarantine around the globe, they decided to upload their near complete back catalogue on Youtube! Almost 100 releases will be up as long as the pandemic lasts, so this is a great chance to catch up on all the albums that you’ve missed up till now and discover some of the lesser known gems in the band’s discography.

Acid Mothers Temple YouTube Channel

The band also dropped several new releases recently:

The first one, released back in February is a collaboration between AMT and the Argentinian experimental band Reynols under the name Acid Mothers Reynols. Out on LP on the French label La Belle Brute, the album’s four tracks were recorded back in 2017 during AMT’s South American tour, when Mitsuru Tabata was still with the band. Available on Bandcamp on vinyl (limited to 300 copies) and digital, the release is titled Vol.1, so there might be more to come later on.

Acid Mothers Reynols: Vol.1
2020.02.28 / vinyl & digital
A1.Outside the inner temple
A2.Inti-Ra Wild saloon
B1.Traces of Sunyata Squash
B2.Bo Bubbles

Their main incarnation, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. released Pink Lady Lemonade (Double Sweet Sucker Punch), which collects three renditions of their best known track. Two of these come from recent live performances, while the third one is a new mix of the classic 1996 recording that featured Cotton Casino on vocals. Out on vinyl and CD with a rather raunchy cover on the band’s own labels Max Hazard Records and Acid Mothers Temple.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Pink Lady Lemonade (Double Sweet Sucker Punch)
2020.03 / cd & vinyl
01.Lemon Ecstasy ~ Pink Lady Lemonade (Sweetheart Sucker Punch)
02.Pink Lady Lemonade (You’re Hyper Sweet Sucker Punch) ~ Black Summer Song ~ Pink Lady Lemonade Coda
03.Pink Lady Lemonade 1996 (2020 New Mix Version)

Another new one from AMT&TMPUFO will be out on US label Eye Vybe Records. Intended for the US tour, but now available from the label’s Bandcamp page the cassette only release Diend of Fiend Or Unstoppable Moonsault contains live material recorded at Toonice in Takamatsu last December and mostly contains a wide selection of AMT’s well known tunes with some extras.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O.: Diend of Fiend Or Unstoppable Moonsault
2020.04.01 / cassette
Side A
01.Dark Star Blues
02.Santa Maria Enfance
03.Flying Teapot
Side B
01.La Nòvia
02.Chaos Pink Lady Lemonade
03.Brain Stormbringer
04.Pink Lady Lemonade Coda
05.Cometary Orbital Drive

Another US label, Nod and Smile Records, that already released AMT albums in the past is back with a new one: Reverse of Rebirth Reprise is scheduled for an April release and it features Geoff Leigh, an experimental musician who, during the last couple of years, worked with Makoto Kawabata several times. The CD version will have a new rendition of La Novia as a bonus track, while the vinyl version will be limited to 500 copies. Pre-orders are up here: CD / vinyl.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. feat. Geoff Leigh: Reverse of Rebirth Reprise
2020.04.10 / vinyl & CD
01.Dark Star Blues
02.Hello Good Child
03.The Beautiful Blue Ecstasy
04.La Novia ~ Black Summer Song (CD bonus track)

And there is still more… and it is another one with Geoff Leigh, but this time on Riot Season Records, coming out two weeks after Reverse…. Chosen Star Child’s Confession, complete with a delightfully tacky cover, will be available on CD and as two different colored vinyl editions: there will be a mail order only pink version, limited to 240 copies and a regular edition (lim. 500) on orange vinyl. The CD will contain a bonus track (without Leigh): the studio recording of Santa Maria Enfance, that’s also available in a live version on Diend of Fiend. Pre-orders are already up on Bandcamp and Bigcartel.

Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. feat. Geoff Leigh: Chosen Star Child’s Confession
2020.04.24 / CD & vinyl
01.Nightmarish Heavenly Labyrinth
02.Diamond Eyes Are Hurt
03.Cometary Orbital Drive (Christal Trigger 2199)
04.Infected J Also Live Beast Catastrophe
05.Santa Maria Enfance (CD Bonus Track)

(main image is taken from AMT’s official website)