Plasticzooms‘ new album is due out this week (read about that and their upcoming EU tour here) and they uploaded a new video as well to support the release and it takes us straight back to the ’80s. Glowing lights, blurry, old VHS feel and charming, low-budget-&-straight-to-video science fiction aesthetics makes it a perfect fit for the song, where the band’s new wave and synth pop influences are more prominent than ever. To make that ’80s feel even stronger strong and more faithful they asked the help of fashion designer Michiko London Koshino (just recently FEMM also went to her for a similar retro touch) and featured none other than Japanese electronic music pioneer Hideki Matsutake in the video, best known for his works with Yellow Magic Orchestra and Isao Tomita. And as this blend of ’80s retro visuals have been insanely popular for years now (just think of Kung Fury, Turbo Kid and the whole retrowave movement), the video might open doors to new audiences for the band.