Last month experimental rock band downy released its latest, overall seventh album, which, as all the previous ones, is simply called “無題”, which means untitled. They already dropped an album preview back in February and a music video for the slower 砂上、燃ユ。残像 (Dune, Scatter. Persistence Of Vision) on the day of the release, but yesterday they returned with another video, this time for the frantic 視界不良 (shikai furyōHaze). The band always relied heavily on abstract visuals, so it comes as no surprise that the music video looks a lot like an experimental film with flashing black & white scenes cut to perfectly match the music’s fast rhythm. Based on these two tracks and the preview their music remained unchanged, so it is still a unique mixture of several styles, such as shoegaze, post rock and progressive rock, resulting in an extremely original and hard-to-define sound. The album is available digitally thru Bandcamp and on CD from the usual retailers that handle Japanese releases, such as CDJapan, while copies purchased as certain record stores in Japan come with a bonus CD-R that contains two remixes.

2020.03.18 / cd, digital
01.コントラポスト (contrapposto)
02.視界不良 (Haze)
05.角砂糖 (Sugar Cube)
06.ゼラニウム (Gernium)
07.砂上、燃ユ。残像 (Dune, Scatter (PersistenceOf Vision)
08.pianoid (pianoid)
09.鮮やぐ視点 (Technicolor Clarity)
10.adaptation (adaptation)
11.stand alone (stand alone)

Record store bonus CD-R
01.コントラポスト – Robin Aoki Remix –
02.角砂糖 – SUNNOVA Remix –