Noise legend KK Null started 2019 with a bang on his Bandcamp page: he set the year off with Abiogenesis on the 5th of January and uploaded nine more albums since! These include some reissues of previous CD releases like 2017’s Extropy Ground Zero and the excellent Material Of Darkness from 2013, but most of them are new material, including three parts of the the Galactic Killer Drums ‎series and his latest album, Armageddon Sky. This one, as most of his releases, were recorded at Prima Natura, his home studio and contains material from 2017 / 2018. The music is typical Null: high-pitched chaotic and futuristic noise with recurring deep and heavy pounding bass lines and some of the tracks also feature frantic piano playing, somewhat recalling the early, classic releases of fellow Japanese noise pioneer Dissecting Table. So, check it out along with the other new releases?

Armageddon Sky
01.Armageddon Sky
02.Jazz Singularity
03.Ghost Engine
04.Machine in the Ghost 7
06.Stochastic Piano 1
07.Stochastic Piano 2
08.Rusty Time Loop