Recently UK’s Encrypted Audio label became an avid supporter of the new generation of Japanese dubstep producers: they started off last year by releasing a digital only joint EP by Karnage (JP) and MarkIV (US) and it was followed this year by two EPs on vinyl, one from Dayzero and one from Helktram. And now Karnage will also have his own vinyl release out with three tracks! One of them will also feature Helktram and while there is no release date set yet (but it should be out sometime soon), the label already uploaded some short samples to soundcloud and they sound damn good.

Updated (Dec 3): The details were announced yesterday, so: the 12″ will be out on 2017.01.14 and there will be no digital version… unless you pre-order the vinyl from EA’s bandcamp! So, check here for the details and hurry up!

Karnage: ENV008
B2.Mysticizm (with Helktram)

But that’s not the only new release from Karnage: together with Dayzero, they also came out with a self-released CD EP on the 20th of September to coincide with the 10th anniversary Back To Chill party in Tokyo, where they were also part of the event’s amazing lineup (live report here!). For now it is only out on CD, but it will be also available as a digital release from the 20th of October. Check their bandcamp page for details and ordering info and check below for samples!

Dayzero & Karnage EP
2016.09.20 (CD) / 2016.10.20 (digital)
01.Dayzero & Karnage: Black voice
02.Dayzero & Karnage: Spetial structure
03.Dayzero & Karnage: Judgement chain
04.Karnage: Submerge
05.Karnage: Safeguard
06.Dayzero: Unexplored VIP
07.Dayzero: Stardust
CD Bonus
08.Karnage & MarkIV: Jester
09.Karnage & MarkIV: Jester(Dayzero Remix)