Besides issuing new material such as the latest release from Masonna‘s Controlled Death project, Urashima is also known for unearthing some long out of print classics and the latest such material out on the Italian label is an early release by Incapacitants. 1985’s Project Pallo ’85 was originally a 3 cassette box set, out on Toshiji Mikawa‘s own Pariah Tapes label that he started exclusively to release material by Incapacitants back in the project’s Osaka era, when he was still its sole member. It was quickly sold out, but as the most ambitious release of Incapacitants’s early years, it became a highly sought after, legendary item. Still, it was never reissued until now, when Andrea Marutti carefully remastered the material and Urashima gave it the deluxe treatment: the seven long tracks that has an approximately two hours running time were issued on triple vinyl, that, alongside some inserts, are housed in a wooden box with engraving based on the original cover art. The box is a beautiful work of art, the music is as ear-shattering as ever and the reissue is limited to 299 copies, so hurry up if you wish to get your hands on it.