Just home after their summer EU tour and just in time for their huge, 15th anniversary festival (Sept 16, Tokyo), Crystal Lake returns with a new single featuring two new tracks and a remix. The remix was made for their latest album’s title track, True North by Euphoric Wavism, a Japanese techno producer, while both of the new songs have guest vocalists: Lost In Forever features Daniel McWhorter and Tyler Riley from US hardcore band Gideon and the title track features Masato from Coldrain… who seems to be everywhere nowadays, as he also appears on Crossfaith‘s new album that came out only a few days ago! Details and trailer below!

Updated (2018.08.07): And the video is out! And it is by far the band’s most spectacular music video to date:

The Circle
01.The Circle feat. Masato of Coldrain
02. Lost In Forever feat. Daniel McWhorter and Tyler Riley of Gideon
03. True North – remix by Euphoric Wavism