There will be a new album out by Contagious Orgasm this Saturday, a collaboration with Senketsu no Night Club, which, despite its name is not a Japanese, but an Italian project, but one that’s heavily influenced by Japanese harsh noise acts… and doom jazz. That is already a pretty interesting combination and this gets mixed with CO’s dark and atmospheric noise. Sounds pretty good, right? The album, titled Ukiyozoshi will be available on a limited edition of 300 CD +  as a digital release and will be out on the Russian label, Dark Jazz Records. You can get your copy from the label’s Bandcamp page, where you can also listen to the album, which is easily amongst the best of recent CO releases. Tracklist below along with a music video featuring scenes from the classic movie, Harakiri!

Update (May 24): Another track, Anata Ha Watashi Deha Nai (You Are Not I) also got its own video today, so you can find that below as well!

02.Madara Chishibuki
04.Anata Ha Watashi Deha Nai (You Are Not I)
05.Isekai Club
06.Ankoku Michiyuki

And this was just a preview image that was posted when the album was originally announced, but it looks awesome, so here it is as a bonus: