is a pop / hip-hop / electro duo and also, they are one of the most interesting and unique JPop acts from the last several years… And ever since they started out as an indie act, they were known for their pretty strange videos, but their career took an even stranger turn in the last year or so. One of the main subject of their lyrics was always the life of Japanese office ladies and recently they joined several campaigns directed towards that group… campaigns that were already quite weird to begin with, without them adding their fair share of insanity: last year they took part in a campaign for hairbrushes, which was recently followed by another one for a soft drink for women who have a lot of stress in their life. On a similar note, they also had a music video which was a parody of all the “you will get super thin in a few days!” kind of diet commercials and now they joined the campaign of a toothbrush manufacturer (!) whose new product is designed for women looking to get married! It sheds some light on the happenings in accompanying music video, but it still remains a pretty massive WTF experience. And the music? It is still 100% pure goodness with its unique mixture of hip-hop and electro. Check the video below and also the three other videos mentioned above… along with the group’s latest promo photo!

kirameku risou, yama to naru. (きらめく理想、山となる)

moyamoyashite (もや燃やして)

kongaru Gal (こんがらガール)

Subliminal Diet (サプリミナル・ダイエット)'s latest promotional photo’s latest promotional photo