This March, Buck-Tick, one of the best Japanese rock bands will be back with a new album titled No.0. It will be their 21st studio album since their formation in 1983 and it follows the excellent Atom miraiha No.9, that came out back in 2016. Besides its title and release date (2018.03.14) there isn’t much info about the new album at this point, but it was announced that it will be released in four different versions: the Regular one will only include the CD, while the Limited editions will feature an additional disc with video content and you can choose your preferred format: DVD, Blu-ray or VR. The album will include 13 tracks, amongst them Babel, a single cut from last year and Moon sayonara wo oshiete, another single that will be out in a couple of weeks, on the 21st of February. It will come with two new songs, the title track and Salome and their record label already released a short preview of the former, so check it out below along with the single cover:

Moon sayonara wo oshiete
01.Moon sayonara wo oshiete (Moon さよならを教えて)
02.Salome (サロメ)

Limited Edition DVD/Blu-ray
01.Moon sayonara wo oshiete (Moon さよならを教えて) Music Video

CD: 13 tracks
+ DVD, Blu-ray or VR with the LImited Edition