Shortly after Iwatsuki on Italy’s Old Europa Cafe and Kikai Dansou on Portugal’s Narcolepsia, Masahiko Okubo‘s noise / industrial project, Linekraft is back with another release on another European label! Unlike the previous cassette-only releases this one,¬†titled Apocalypse Factory is out on CD and it was released by the new German noise label Aussaat, that was established last year. The CD contains some 40+ minutes of new material, but there is also a CD+cassette set, limited to 50 copies, that is only available directly from the label and Linekraft with an additional 10 minute long track (the same one on both sides of the cassette). There is also a short preview up on youtube and it shows Linekraft doing what he does best: taking industrial and power electronics back to the roots with eerie soundscapes and metal percussions:

Apocalypse Factory
02.Apocalypse Factory-1
03.Polluted Body
04.Apocalypse Factory-2
05.Public Bondage
06.Apocalypse Factory-3
07.Substance Negative
A+B.Liberated Treatment Area Of Bedlamite