The ’80s retro wave’s been raging for a while all around the world, including Japan, but it rarely gets as authentic as in the music video for Different Man, the lead track off rapper AKLO and R&B singer JAY’ED‘s upcoming joint mini album. The visuals, the clothes, all those cassette tapes, the game consoles, the cheap CG, the VHS aesthetics, the dance moves… everything fits together perfectly in this perfectly executed time travel, that flawlessly captures everything that made the ’80s so great! (Or so horrible. Your choice.)

The song itself is a laid back and addictive R&B tune, that will grow on you with a couple listens and at the end of the video we also get a short preview of another track, Ballin’ Out. Both are out currently as digital singles and both will be included in the mini album titled Sorry… come back later out on the 6th of September.

AKLO×JAY’ED: Sorry… come back later
01. Different Man
02. Pick Up The Phone
03. Break It
04. Ballin’ Out
05. Be What You Are
06. All I Did is Grind (Bonus Track)