The melodic death metal band started back in 2009 in Hokkaido, under the name Suicide Heaven, but then they moved to Tokyo, changed their name to GYZE and that was when things started to get serious for them. Their first full length was released in 2013 by an Italian label and their second album from 2015 also got an international release and at home they are signed to Virgin / Universal. They visited Europe for the first time in 2015 and around the same time they were already supporting such huge names as DragonForce or Children Of Bodom back in Asia. They visited Europe again last year and now they are back on their longest EU tour to date, supporting the Finnish Battle Beast and Germany’s Majesty, visiting 35 cities! The tour already started on the 2nd of March, but they will be on the road till the the 9th of April, so check the complete list of dates at the end of the post!

They are also coming out with a new album, Northern Hell Song, that they recorded up North, in the cold and icy Hokkaido and while it will be released only on the 29th of March, the song previews are already available on youtube, along with a music video for the title track:

Northern Hell Song
01.Pirates Of Upas
03.Dead Bone Blue
04.Black Shumari
05.Perryi Rain Dragon
07.The Bloodthirsty Prince
09.Brown Trout
10.Frozen Dictator
11.Northern Hell Song
12.Snow~Upas ~
13.Bonus Track: Moonlight Sonata

Battle Beast / Majesty / GYZE – Bringer Of Pain Over Europe 2017
2017.03.02 – Germany, Mannheim: 7er Club
2017.03.03 – Germany, Essen: Turock
2017.03.04 – Germany, Leipzig: Hellraiser
2017.03.05 – Poland, Wroclaw: Firlej
2017.03.06 – Austria, Vienna: Chelsea
2017.03.08 – Italy, , Brescia: Circolo Colony
2017.03.09 – France, Puget-Sur-Argent: Le Rat’s
2017.03.10 – Spain, Barcelona: Bikini
2017.03.11 – Spain, Madrid: Penelope
2017.03.12 – Portugal, Lisbon: RCA Club
2017.03.13 – Spain, Vigo: Sala Master
2017.03.14 – Spain, Pamplona: Totem
2017.03.16 – France, Nantes: Ferrailleur
2017.03.17 – France, Strasbourg: La Laiterie
2017.03.18 – Germany, Marsberg: Metal Diver Festival
2017.03.19 – Belgium, Vosselaar: Biebob
2017.03.20 – Netherlands, Tilburg: Little Devil
2017.03.22 – UK, Wolverhampton: Slade Rooms
2017.03.23 – UK, Manchester: Ruby Lounge
2017.03.24 – UK, London: Underworld
2017.03.25 – France, Paris: Petit Bain
2017.03.26 – Germany, Saarbrücken: Garage
2017.03.27 – Germany, Berlin: Bi Nuu
2017.03.28 – Germany, Hamburg: Logo
2017.03.29 – Germany, Würzburg: Posthalle
2017.03.30 – Germany, Siegburg: Kubana
2017.03.31 – Germany, Stuttgart: Im Wizemann
2017.04.01 – Switzerland, Wetzikon: Hall Of Fame
2017.04.02 – Gemany, Regensburg (Obertraubling): Eventhall Airport
2017.04.04 – Austria, Graz: Explosiv
2017.04.05 – Hungary, Budapest: Barba Negra
2017.04.06 – Slovakia, Bratislava: Randal Club
2017.04.07 – Germany, Lindau: Vaudeville
2017.04.08 – Germany, Munich: Backstage
2017.04.09 – Germany, Münster: Sputnikhalle