Jintana & Emeralds plays ’50s inspired dreamy music, that takes us right back to the heydays of Exotica, with its tropical, Hawaiian flavor and steel guitar sound. The band, featuring Hitomitoi, a singer otherwise known for her laid-back, ’70s style pop sound just released a new single after a long silence with two brand new tracks. They became a bit elusive after they released their first full album, Destiny back in 2014, as they stopped updating their official site and twitter sometime in 2015 and it’s been quite difficult to come by any info about them since (the only source seems to be the twitter account of Pan Pacific Playa, a group of musicians from Yokohama, that band leader Jintama belongs to). So it is good to see them back and especially good to see them back in top form! So far there is no music video for the title track, but there is a digest video featuring snippets from both tracks. Check that below along with the track list, cover and as a bonus, the video for the beautiful Honey from 2014.

02.Two summer