DJ Krush had two major announcement the during the last coupe of days, one about his upcoming tour and one about a new album! So, let’s see the details:

As some shows were already announced back in December, we already knew that he will be touring Europe around April, but now the full schedule was released and it includes 17 shows across the continent. The tour will start in England on the 29th of March and will cross ten countries, excluding the northern and southern territories, but including pretty much everything else in-between.

And even though originally everyone supposed that he will be touring with Kiseki, his album from last June, now it was announced that he will release another album before the tour starts! The yet untitled album was originally also planned for last year and while Kiseki was all about the Japanese language, with each track featuring prominent local MCs, this one will be fully instrumental. It should be out in March, but no further details were announced at this point. I will update this post as soon as anything new comes up and let’s hope that even with this new release out he will be spinning a couple of tracks from the excellent Kiseki as well during the upcoming EU dates!

Updated (2018.03.05): The news about the upcoming album started to pour in, so, let’s see what we learned so far: the album, titled Cosmic Yard will be out on the 21st of March, it will feature twelve tracks and it will be available on both CD and vinyl. Also, it will feature a couple of guest artists, including Shuuzan Morita, a familiar face from the Jaku album and trumpeter Toshinori Kondo, who recorded the classic album Ki-Oku together with Krush back in 1996. And the EU tour will start earlier than planned as two shows in Russia were added to the schedule, both featuring Sibitt, one of the MCs from Kiseki.

Cosmic Yard
02.Stellar Wind
03.Divine Protection feat. 渥美幸裕 (Yukihiro Atsumi)
04.Asterism (Interlude)
05.Emission Nebula
06.Dust Trail
07.Law Of Harmony feat. 近藤等則 (Toshinori Kondo) & 森田柊山 (Shuuzan Morita)
08.Bow Shock (Interlude)
09.La Luna Rouge feat. Binkbeats
11.Habitable Zone (Chapter 1)
12.Sporadic Meteor feat. 近藤等則 (Toshinori Kondo)

DJ Krush European tour dates 2018

2018.03.23 – Russia, St. Petersburg: Erarta (with Sibitt)
2018.03.24 – Russia, Moscow: Yota Arena (with Sibitt)
2018.03.29 – England, Manchester: Band On The Wall
2018.03.30 – England, London: Village Underground
2018.04.01 – Ireland, Dublin: The Sugar Club
2018.04.03 – Belgium, Antwerp: TRIX
2018.04.04 – Netherlands, Amsterdam: Paradiso Noord
2018.04.05 – Germany, Hamburg: Mojo Club
2018.04.06 – Germany, Berlin: Gretchen
2018.04.07 – Bosnia-Herzegovina, Sarajevo: Dom Mladih Skenderija
2018.04.10 – Hungary, Budapest: Akvárium Klub
2018.04.12 – Switzerland, Vevey: Rocking Chair
2018.04.13 – France, Paris: La Bellevilloise
2018.04.14 – France, Creil: Gam & The Music Barn
2018.04.17 – Germany, Mannheim: Alte Feuerwache
2018.04.18 – Czech Republic, Prague: Lucerna
2018.04.19 – Germany, Munich: Rote Sonne
2018.04.20 – Switzerland, Basel: Kaserne
2018.04.21 – Switzerland, Bern: Dachstock

Originally published on 2018.01.30