Crossfaith seems to be very fond of the EP format as after releasing New Age Warriors, New Age Warriors Remix and Freedom EPs the last two years, they will be back with not one, but two new EPs in January! Both of them will be out on the 26th of January and while one of them, Wipeout will contain new tracks, the other one will be another remix collection, this time for the previous Freedom EP. Along with the announcement they also published the futuristic cover art for Wipeout, but other than that there isn’t any further info at this point, so stay tuned for updates!

Updated (2018.01.05): It is still weeks before the release, but the song previews already arrived along with a bunch of info, so, let’s see what we know about Wipeout! There will be three different version and it seems the remix EP for Freedom will not be a separate release, but a bonus CD for the Type B edition. Type A will come with a DVD with three tracks from the Tokyo stop of the band’s 10th anniversary tour from last year and the third version will be the Regular Editions with only the EP itself.

02.Inside The Flames
03.Vermillion Gold

Limited Edition Type A DVD – Live At Zepp Tokyo 10th Anniversary Tour -Faith Lasts Forever-

Limited Edition Type B Bonus CD – Freedom Remix
01.Freedom (Lutez Remix)
02.Rockstar Steady (The Juffernaut Remix)
03.Diavolos (TAKESHI UEDA[AA=] Remix)

Updated (2018.01.23): The music video is in!